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Computer Types and History

Computer is a device with the combination of both software and hardware.


  • C - Commonly
  • O - Operated
  • M - Machine
  • P - Particularly
  • U - Used for
  • T - Technical
  • E - Education
  • R - Research


  • Computer is intended by Charles Babbage in the year 1822.
  • Father of computer - Charles Babbage.
  • Father of modern computer - Alan Turing.
  • First electronic general purpose computer is ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) introduced by J.P. Eckert & J.W. Mauchly in the year 1946.
  • First computer mouse invented by Douglas Engelbart.

Types of Computer

  1. Analogue computers
  2. Digital computers
    1. Purpose wise
      1. General
      2. Specific
    2. Size & performance wise
      1. Embedded
      2. Micro
        1. Programmable
        2. Laptop
        3. Workstations
      3. Mini
      4. Mainframe
      5. Super
  3. Hybrid computers

1. Analogue computer

The data is represented in the format of continuously changeable physical quantities like pressure, temperature and voltage.
E.g. Speedometer

2. Digital computer

It deals with numeric data.
E.g. Laptop

A.I. General purpose computer

Used in colleges and banks

B.I. Embedded computer

Used in television, refrigerator, washing machine

B.II. Micro computer

It is designed to used by single user like Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), laptop, notebook, desktop, workstation.

B.III. Mini computer

It is designed to used by multiple users and powerful than micro computers.

B.IV. Mainframe computer

It is designed to used by multiple users along with multi processor systems to deal with large amount data.

B.V. Super computer

It is designed to deal with large and very much complicated data with short span results. Used in weather forecasting and nuclear science.

2. Digital computer

It deals with numeric data.
E.g. Laptop

3. Hybrid computer

These are analogue computers controlled by digital computers.
E.g. CT scan machine



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