OmniGuru, the name itself states that it is GURU of all. It's a content provider of certain subjects in both English and Telugu languages.

OmniGuru - Multi-featured website that is intended to provide useful articles, news, online tools, trendy widgets etc to our beloved viewers. Currently we've covered 200+ various articles regarding general-knowledge, aptitude, English grammar, telugu pedda balasiksha, health, beauty, astrology and more. Next 18+ online tools like image converters, image resizer, web camera, ip tracker, location tracker, various text converters. And useful widgets like daily feed (quote, fact, tip), panchangam (3 days), IPL 2020 points table etc. We're looking forward to provide many more features with your support.

Our target audience is Telugu and Indian people. To disclose our purpose of origin is that in our education system, you've only 6 definite subjects. You are not supposed to choose whatever you wanted to. It might be music, yoga, pranayama and whatever. Though we're in digital era, you might not find enough reliable sources at one place in online. Even though you may find with hectic work. Now, OmniGuru is the solution.

It's not possible for anyone to emerge all sources of content at once. Obviously, it's a long-term process with lots of patience and persistent efforts. In order to take that challenge up we needed to start from some where. That's where we started to add content of general knowledge, pedda balashiksha, English grammar.


We've friends who are contributing their works/articles and giving immense support to reach more audience with good purpose. We thank everyone cordially for their genuine support.

Along with that we would like to promote any of your works that is good for the society in the form of articles. For that please contact us through contact form.


With slogan "SUPPORT EACHOTHER + GROW TOGETHER", we're likely to be mutual media partners with youtubers, Bloggers, other social media admins who has keen interest + efforts (might be popular or not. But without spam/hatred/adult content). We're glad to team up with such people and stick to "SUPPORT EACHOTHER + GROW TOGETHER". If you're interested to join with us, visit our partner's terms


We used WordPress technology with certain customizations as per our requirements. Our current WordPress version is 5.4.2 which is up to date. Our domain is secured with Let's Encrypt certificate authority.

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