when we say to someone “I like your words”. They will definitely speak good and enjoy your conversation. It always happens to all in your office/Journey. Conversation is defined as discussing about living and non living entities to get pleasure for mind. Then what is the relationship between Love and conversation. We can get good conversations with Love and bad conversations with hate and envy. In general, we will notice that affection between two peoples is LOVE.

Conversation with Mind

It is very tough job for anyone to control or to stop from the heavy flow of thoughts. Always, your mind works sincerely to degrade your quality of living. One can think that “satisfying the mind is ultimate aim of human being”. No, The Aim of human being is to understand the purpose of life and to know the priority to accomplish something useful for this life. We will start your journey after getting up from bed. Most of the people have no idea what we have to do today?. An Animal will wake up and it will look towards the owner for the food. It will also convey, I’m ready to work for today but give me sufficient food. If you do like that, what is the difference between you and animal? Generally, we have to follow some principles (rules and regulations) given by our ancestors, so that we can make difference. After that, if you are children you will rush to school/college, if you are an employee you will rush to office/industry. In between you will forget to have good bath and having good food. So, here my question is who will teach you to live happily and to lead successful life?

Immediately, you people will say Having a good job, big car, big house and automatically big wife will come, are very successful things. No. If the answer is yes, you are in trouble. It is so unfortunate that society was drowning in to material things. What are the material things? “The things which gives happiness for limited period”. In this modern age “One girl will love a boy for one month”. After one month, she will go for other. That’s why we can say Love is most used and least understanding word. Then, what is Love?

When a student goes to college regularly, He will get more ideas .Such as How to bunk the class? How to tease others? Which girl is looking beautiful (for a boy)? How can we make this day perfect? While thinking itself, the day will be gone. A vidyarthi will create a plan everyday and he will work hard to execute it to get knowledge from his guru. Most of the today’s youth, get involved in recreational activities like drinking alcohol, having drugs and spending time with bad association. How to get rid of those activities?

The only thing a boy/girl wants at young age is to having sex with opposite gender. She/he cannot control their desires. That’s true and it will happen for everyone. Our mind is primary witness for sexual desires. It will encourage you for the pleasurably things. If I want to describe about the mind towards these, it is easy for me, because I captured some interactions. When you born, your parents rejoiced and given so many material things to see smile on your face. This attraction was beginning from your childhood. When you were becoming young, you have been observing that some are enjoying with bike rides, some are enjoying by going vacations, some romantic people are enjoying with their girl friends. The food for your mind is the things which I mentioned in the above. Some innocent people may not involve such things, because they are really innocent. For those who didn’t have girl friend, they will satisfy with masturbation. It is very bad. Because, it will give pleasure for fraction of seconds. Instead, why can’t you search full of pleasure for unlimited period?

I will directly come to the point, our mind is controlled by your past actions and reactions. You can see the fresh water on lake, if you suddenly stir it. What will happen? The whole mud will come to top of the water and looks dirt. Similarly, your mind is like that. It will travel 20 years back (If you are at 40) and recollects all useless stuff .It is the nature of mind. But, one can think How to control this monkey mind? Is it possible? Certainly, not.

One can’t control the mind but can engage with good association to purify the mind by removing mud situated in its bottom. I come across from lot of people, most of them said “This life is to achieve that and this, this life is for sense gratification”. Yes, you are correct but up to what stage? You need to know what the things you are performing are (good/bad). Otherwise, you will be distressed and drowned in this materialistic world.

Praveen kumar, Msc (Maths), NIT Warangal.