Helping Hands Organization - RGUKT

You know what Dalai Lama said,

‘if you want others to be happy, practice compassion, if you want to be happy, practice compassion’.

Stretching our hand to support the needy in society is the best way of living. And yah, we all have certain amount of concern towards the needy around us. But our very basic thought of helping others has been locked in the secret lockers of our brain. We just need to open the locker with a key called Humanity. As we all know, most of the basic needs of any human being demands the so called universal mover ‘Money’ to fulfil them. The very little penny in your pocket has a massive power to change this world. But I know donating our hard earned money required a lot of budget calculations and compromised spending plans. To give you a push at this point, I will cite an example from my own life which changed quite a number of people’s life.

It was in 2009 and we were all studying our PUC in RGUKT, an institute established to cater the education needs of talented rural youth by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. We got holidays for a week after the year end semester examinations. We were all travelling to our home towns. So there was a friend named ‘Shiva’ also planned to travel to hometown but alone. He reached the bus stop in Nuzvid and sat on a bench at a corner waiting for his bus. There was a little boy crying in the other corner. He was differently abled and there was nobody around him. Shiva was observing him for almost 15mins and nobody was coming to help him. And nobody was giving him a penny. Then, this 16 years old Shiva went to him and enquired about his mother. The little boy said that his mother died a day before in an accident. When Shiva listened, it was an extreme shock for him. Shiva did nothing but went to home and came back from holiday. He shared this experience with us and reminded that some of our friends in the college were also differently abled. There began our journey of helping others. We discussed it for a week and decided to set up a small fund to help the students in the college. We consulted our faculty and planned to take this to our Director’s notice. Everything went well, circumstances supported, committee formed, rules framed and finally fund collection stated. It all started with 1 rupee per student per week and now the RGUKTians brain child ‘Helping Hands’ treasury has a fund of 7 digit number.

The Story seems to be fruitful but if you deeply observe, it was the thought, concern or feeling of a 16 years old boy that bloomed into an Organization. If we were in Shiva’s place, how many of us really go to the little boy and enquire. Unfortunately with our busy schedule and hectic work, we can’t do that. We have to remember that days will not be same always. There will an obvious day when need help.

The word HELP looks Great when we need it, but it is Greatest when we seed it. So start planting the seeds of helping nature and make this world a better place to live by spreading your helping hands.

Find helping hands official at Kindly make your donations from that official page.