10 Most Useful Android Apps for Techies

The below mentioned android apps are highly useful for Techies or IT professionals which are handy to use instead of carrying laptop always. We're recommending these apps to all techies by researching and testing from our side. If any missing useful apps kindly mention as its useful to other users. Your comments would be appreciated. We're trying our best to provide extremely precious information to all of our audience.


It serves as a FTP/SFTP client with multiple configurations. It has major features like to download, upload, synchronize and sharing support. And also we can give permissions like open, read, write, update and delete to files/folders Folder synchronization available for PRO version only.


From this app, you can connect to remote databases easily. It's a SQL client app for Microsoft SQL, MYSQL, Postgress and SAP Sybase. You can maintain multiple database connections. All executed queries can be stored in history and also that you can bookmark your important/repeatable queries. You can edit rows directly from query results itself. There are features like copy, save and export (CSV, JSON, HTML).


It's a free remote control app for personal use. You can access your device (laptop, mobile, tablet) from all kinds of platforms (windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS by using AnyDesk ID. You can save multiple connections also. It has efficient streaming with high frame rate and low latency.

VNC Viewer

Its nothing but a remote desktop application. You can connect your desktop from your android itself via cloud. It has great advantage by supporting Bluetooth mice and keyboard. When you compare this with AnyDesk, it deals with IP addresses.

Code Editor

It's nothing but an optimized text editor with lot of cool features. It has features like numbering lines, highlighting syntax, auto completion, undo, redo, search, replace, open multiple files at a time, HTML preview and lot more.


It is a terminal emulator for Linux environment. You can edit files with nano and vim commands. You can access servers over SSH. You can develop and run c and python programs also. It's a handle Linux tool that every Linux lover should try.

WPS Office

It is a powerful office suite available on play store with lots of amazing features. All basic features of dealing with word, excel, power point, text and PDF come up without pro. With pro you can get advanced features like cloud synchronization, removing watermarks, converting office files to PDF, scanning documents, merge/extract/split PDF, PDF annotation, PDF signature and lot more.

Google Lens

As it's a digital era, almost everything is automated. There are situations for techies to do write/note from hard copies to text format. For that lens came up with a solution! you can just take a picture of that whether it might be any language for the god sake, you can simply copy the text easily. Along with that lens has other features like identify products, exploring places around us and scanning codes etc.

Hacker's Keyboard

This keyboard comes up with a full 5-rows including arrow keys, tab, ctrl, esc which is intended for tablets. Supports multiple languages also. You can forcefully use this keyboard at any time by making stick this to notification bar. Especially useful when you are doing activities in remote connections.

Droid Web Inspector

Last but not the least, it's a mobile web HTML/CSS/JS inspector tool for Android users. There might be other inspection tools which can get source code of specific/all elements. It is little different that you can view padding, margin and alignment of specific elements just like in desktop. It is cool, right ! note that it is fully compatible with Samsung DeX.