Introduction (Aptitude)

An aptitude test is considered to be one of the assessment techniques of one's ability and skills. Nowadays it's a common practice for all recruiters to conduct aptitude test for freshers.

Facing aptitude test is nothing but solving complex problems with basic knowledge. In aptitude questions, there will be complex problems which can be solved by basic maths. To rank higher in aptitude tests, you need adequate knowledge in basic math on certain topics and most importantly efficient practice to solve the problem in the defined time.

By testing through aptitude, companies make sure of candidate's abilities whether he can use his knowledge that obtained from all his education life, in real time problems or not.

We've provided the content in the form of few phases. Each phase consists of certain topics with brief theoritical knowledge. And those topics are Number System, HCF - LCM, Squares - Cubes - Roots, Algebra, Trigonometry, Surds - Indices, Average, Calendar, Interest - Types, Profit - Loss, Probability, Time - Work - Distance, Boats, Streams, Logarithms, Mensuration and Simplification.