Usually due to dehydration in our body, our lips will get dry. Especially in summer, it is the common problem of everyone. So, first habituate of drinking more water. Wet your lips with your tongue more often.

Stay Hydrated

Drink more water to hydrate your whole body. Drink at least 2 to 3 litre water daily, if it is summer one more litre needed. It keeps your lips moisturised in natural way.

Wet your lips

When you feel your lips got dry, wet lips with your tongue including edges thoroughly. It gives instant moisturisation externally.

Aloe vera

Take a bite from leaf of aloe vera, clean it and apply white transparent gel gently on your lips. It cools and hydrates your lips instantly. It is rich in vitamin E and helps to heal your dead skin and dark lips.


Use fresh milk to apply on ur lips and after 5 minutes gently wash with adequate warm water. It helps to soften your lips and lighten your dark spots. As per our convenience, we can take milk with turmeric as a paste, then we can start to see better results in a week.


To get pink lips take beetroot juice mix it either with ghee or honey, apply at night time after dinner and in the morning wash it gently.

Stay away from harmful sun rays

When you go out, use umbrella or face mask or at least cover lips with hand kerchief both from harmful sun rays and pollution.