Meditation is a kind of individual practice regarding mindfulness towards the dealing object to attain the higher level of consciousness.

Benefits of meditation

  • Peacefulness
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Less anxiety
  • Slows respiratory rate
  • Makes mentally stronger
  • Reduces anger

Side effects

It's seem to be odd to listen that meditation has side effects ! Of course YES ! If you overdo it, due to high comic energy, you'll get insomnia (state lacking sleep). And you get more emotional also.

How to do it?

There are many ways to do meditation which are very dangerous methods too. But for beginners we do mention few simple steps.

  • Choose a peaceful place to meditate
  • Place a glass of drinking water near you
  • Sit in normal posture on a mat. Keep your back straight from bottom to top.
  • Take deep 6-10 inhales and exhales
  • Close your eyes slowly, be relaxed
  • Sense your whole body organs from head to toe by focusing in between your eyes
  • Continue this up-to certain minutes double of your age (If your age is 25, do this 50 minutes for better results. 15-20 minutes recommended)
  • Never do this forcefully. It is fine if you leave the posture early in initial days
  • Before opening your eyes, gently massage your eyes with fingers. Slowly open your eyes
  • Have the glass of water at the end