A suffix is a letter or a group of letters fixed at the end of the word. A suffix can also be called as postfix or affix.
Suffix Meaning Examples
Noun Suffixes
-acy the state or quality privacy, literacy
-al pertaining to emotional, testimonial
-asy the state or quality fantasy, ecstasy
-er who performs an action teacher, dancer
-eer associated with something engineer, volunteer
-ion the action celebration, devotion
-ity the condition probability, abnormality
-ment the action retirement, settlement
-ness the state or quality awareness
-or who performs an action conductor, doctor
-sion the state or being tension, pension
-ship position held friendship, internship
-th the state or quality strength, warmth
Adjective Suffixes
-able/-ible capable of being predictable, admirable, credible
-al pertaining to natural, sensational
-ant inclined to vigilant, brilliant
-ary relating to military
-ful full of beautiful, wonderful
-ic relating to gigantic, heroic
-ish quality childish
-ious quality generous, humorous
-ive quality creative, passive
-less without fearless, hopeless
-y characterized by heavy, tasty
Verb Suffixes
-ed past tense of verb loved, reached
-en become fasten, strengthen
-er the action bigger, faster
-ing present participle verb coming, going
-ify/-fy become magnify, satisfy
-ize/-ise become authorize, generalize
Adverb Suffixes
-ly the manner easily, quickly
-ward the direction afterward, upward
-wise relating to clockwise, otherwise