A Verb is a word refers to an action/event/state/occurrence.
Types of nouns:
  1. Action Verbs (or Main Verbs)
  2. Transitive Verbs
  3. Intransitive Verbs
  4. Auxiliary Verbs (or helping Verbs)
  5. Modal Verbs
  6. Phrasal Verbs

1. Action Verbs (or main verbs)
Action verbs are used to express action by person/thing.
E.g. The sun rises in the east.
E.g. The dog barks.
2. Transitive Verbs
Transitive verbs are action verbs which require object along with it.
E.g. I ate an apple.
3. Intransitive Verbs
Intransitive verbs are action verbs which doesn't require object along with it.
E.g. I ate.
4. Auxiliary Verbs (or helping verbs)
Auxiliary verbs is an extension of main verb. The auxiliary verbs are - be verbs, have, and do.
Be - be, to be, been, am, is, are, was, were, aren't, wasn't, weren't.
Have - has, have, having, had, hadn't.
Do - do, to do, does, done, does, did, didn't.
5. Modal Verbs
Modal verbs are type of auxiliary(help) verb. Used to express ability/possibility/permission/obligation.
E.g. can/could/be able to/may/might/shall/should/must/have to/will/would.
6. Phrasal Verbs
A phrasal verb is a combination of (verb + adverb) or (verb + preposition) or (verb + adverb + preposition).
E.g. He switched on his mobile. (verb + adverb)
E.g. I believe in you. (verb + preposition)
E.g. She get rid of excuses. (verb + adverb + preposition)