English alphabet consists of 26 letters. Each letter has uppercase(capital letters) and lowercase(small letters).
Vowels : A, E, I, O, U (5 letters)
Consonants : Except Vowels (21 letters)
# Small
Naming Phonic
1 a A a /e?/, /æ/
2 b B bee /bi?/
3 c C cee /si?/
4 d D dee /di?/
5 e E e /i?/
6 f F ef /?f/
7 g G gee /d?i?/
8 h H (h)aitch /(h)e?t?/
9 i I i /a?/
10 j J jay /d?e?/
11 k K kay /ke?/
12 l L el /?l/
13 m M em /?m/
14 n N en /?n/
15 o O o /o?/
16 p P p /pi?/
17 q Q cue /kju?/
18 r R ar /??r/
19 s S ess /?s/
20 t T tee /ti?/
21 u U u /ju?/
22 v V vee /vi?/
23 w W double-u /'d?b?l.ju?/
24 x X ex /?ks/
25 y Y wy /wa?/
26 z Z zee/zed /zi/z?d/