A synonym is a word or phrase that reflects the similar meaning to it.
Word Synonyms
Abandon Leave
Abundant Plentiful
Ambiance Atmosphere
Apathy Sentiment
Bizarre Weird, Strange, Odd
Congenial Comradely, Friendly, Companionable
Conventional Standard, Normal
Confluence Meeting, Junction, Convergence
Cupidity Greed
Fabricated Falsify, Forged
Insolent Rude, Impudent, Contemptuous
Lavish Luxurious, Splendid, Expensive
Machination Conspiracy
Peevish Irritable, Cranky, Grumpy, Snappy
Persist Endure
Sanguine Optimistic, Hopeful
Tranquil Serene, Peaceful, Calm
Ubiquitous Omnipresent, Everywhere
Volatile Unstable
Wealthy Rich