Computer Shortcuts

Shortcut keys provide us to do actions in faster way while using operating system. Every computer PRO get used of these. Shortcut keys consists of one or combination of 2 or 3 key strokes.
Shortcut Usage
Alt + F File menu options in current program
Alt + E Edit options in current program
Alt + Enter Open properties of current item
Alt + F4 Close current opened window
Alt + Shift + D Insert current date
Alt + Shift + T Insert current time
Alt + Tab Switch among opened applications
Ctrl + Move one word right
Ctrl + Move one word left
Ctrl + Move to beginning of paragraph
Ctrl + Move to ending of paragraph
Ctrl + [ Decrease selected font -1
Ctrl + ] Increase selected font +1
Ctrl + Alt + Del Reboot windows
Ctrl + A Select all text/files
Ctrl + B Bold selected text
Ctrl + C Copy selected item
Ctrl + End Move cursor to end of document
Ctrl + F4 Close current window in a program
Ctrl + Home Move cursor to start of document
Ctrl + I Italic selected text
Ctrl + P Print current page
Ctrl + S Save
Ctrl + Shift + Esc Opens task manager
Ctrl + Shift + < Decrease selected font -1
Ctrl + Shift + > Increase selected font +1
Ctrl + Space Reset highlighted text to default font
Ctrl + U Underline selected text
Ctrl + V Paste copied/cut item
Ctrl + W Close document
Ctrl + X Cut selected item
Ctrl + Y Redo last performed action
Ctrl + Z Undo last performed action
F1 Universal help
F2 Rename selection
F3 Find in current window
F4 Opens drive selection
F5 Refresh current window
F12 Save as
Shift + Del Delete selected items permanently
Shift + F12 Save
+ Maximize current window
+ D Bring to desktop
+ E Open explorer
+ M Minimize all windows
+ P Opens projector options
+ R Opens run window
+ Shift + M Undo minimized windows