Precap of History


It is the period of stone age. It is consists of 4 sub-ages.
Age Notes
Paleolithic Archaic human
Mesolithic A.K.A Epipaleolithic. Development of human technology.
Neolithic Beginning about 10,200 BCE
Chalcolithic A.K.A Eneolithic or Copper Age. Writing system developed.

Ancient History

From the beginning of recorded human history and the Postclassical Era. It is the span of 5000 years approximately. In this period religions and philosophy developed.

Post Classical History

It is roughly from 500 CE to 1500 CE. It is also known as middle ages where expansion of civilization, religion, trading and communication take place.

Modern History

It is also known as modern era. It is from 1500 CE to present. In this period there is a huge change in industrial and technological sections.

# Key Points

To indicate years in history we use following terms mentioned in table
Type Usage Meaning
BC 500 BC / 500 B.C Before Christ
AD AD 1500 / A.D. 1500 "Anno Domini" Latin word with meaning "in the year of the lord".
BCE 500 BCE / 500 B.C.E. Before Common Era. Can use instead of BC.
CE 1500 CE / 1500 C.E. Common Era. Can use instead of AD.
Note: AD is used before the year, while other are after the year.